Let's Clean Slovenia in a Day! 

The biggest volunteer-based project in the history of Slovenia was inspired by a similar clean-up action, which happened in Estonia in 2008. The Estonians succeeded in carrying out the biggest environmental project to date - in only one day. Click here to see how they did it. A group of Slovenian volunteers called Ecologists without borders decided to follow their example...


 The beginnings of the project 

The first meeting is held on September 2nd 2009 and is attended by 16 people. Three weeks later, merely through word of mouth, the number of supporters grows to 350. In the end, more than 1000 people participate in the campaign.

Within two weeks of the launching of a Let’s Clean Slovenia in a Day! Facebook group, 20,000 people show their support for the project. The number continues to grow to over 42,000 supporters.

Soon, numerous organisations and companies, governmental and non-governmental, begin to approach the organizers with the wish to cooperate. Among the first companies to help with the project is Sinergise, which develops a Geopedia-based web application for illegal dump site mapping using aerial photographs.


 Project goals: 

  1. To bring together 200,000 people on April 17th and carry out the biggest environmental project in the history of Slovenia.
  2. To clean up at least 20,000 tons of illegaly dumped waste.
  3. To update and combine all the current digital registers of illegal dump sites and to create the first digital register of illegal dump sites in Slovenia.
  4. To unite all the clean-up actions taking place in Slovenia every spring.
  5. To help spread awareness on environmental issues and to aid in a positive and long-term change in the current environmental legislation.


 And then? 

On April 17th, with the help of all the 210 municipalities in Slovenia, 72 partners, 527 schools and 273 kindergartens, 63 utility companies and more than 273,000 volunteers (over 13% of the population of Slovenia) we succeeded in removing more than 11,000 tons of illegally dumped waste from the Slovenian environment.

Prior to April 17th, many events were organised in support of the national clean up, including three creative competitions, an eco tour of 14 Slovenian cities, a debate and several exhibitions. Photo galleries can be found here. Many local coordinators also sent in their photo reports of the clean up.

Promotional, educational and spin-off videos of the campaign are available on the offical YouTube channel.

The Slovenian media published numerous photo reports; a comprehensive list of web articles is available here.

Promotional material, including banners, print-ready posters and leaflets can be downloaded here.

Links to other countries participating in the global movement Let's Do It World can be found here.


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